July 2013
This is my favorite time of the issuing
time. Many states and pin trading clubs are
getting ready to issue their new pins for the com-
ing 2013 - 2014 year and the rush is on to start col-
lecting them all once again.
While in Oconomowoc, pins from Nebraska, Ken-
tucky, Delaware and New Hampshire made their
debut for 2014. I look forward to collecting any
new issues that might come out at the Northeast
Pin Swap in Mystic, CT in August.
Also the new “HOLIDAYS” series of pins has start-
ed. If this series is as popular as the “Salute to
the Armed Forces” we will have another full cata-
log of pins to collect. It will be interesting to see
which holiday will garner the most pins. Some-
thing else to look forward to will be how many
Watch for these two new pins which should be
different holidays will be observed. Holidays in
available for the Northeast Pin Swap. Another
Canada, New ealand, Australia and Great Britain
New Hampshire covered bridge and another NH
are not all the same as in the USA so we may see
train will be featured on the 2014 pins.
some very interesting pins.
I know I will have to look for expansion of my
filing drawers where my pins are stored to meet
the influx of the many new varieties. But to me,
that is a pleasant project.
One of our
members stand-
Enjoy the pastime of collecting and trading.
ing TALL.
Let those pins be issued!
I look forward to trading for those “must have”
pins to add to my collections.
Don Ager, editor