As noted on the previous pages there is a lot that
goes on at a pin swap. The pin swaps we all attend
are more than just trading pins. Trading pins is the
main reason we come to the swap but we do more
than seek the elusive and not so elusive pins. We
renew friendships, create new friendships and we
remember those who have passed on. We socialize
in the hospitality rooms, we play cards wherever a
table can be found, we remind those around us of
upcoming pin swaps and we just have fun. We, Lions
first, pin traders second, have contributed to Cam-
paign SightFirst II, planted trees, established a schol-
arship and recognized deserving students with those
scholarships. We have served in our own clubs and
districts and some have gone beyond. But, the most
important thing of all, is that we are having FUN.
Oh, by the way, do you have a duplicate of ……?
Two newest members of the LITPC “Hall of Fame”.
The New Hampshire Pin Trading Club is published periodically and mostly when there is something to
print about. Suggestions and submissions of articles are always welcome and appreciated. Our officers
Meg Ager, President
Stanferd Howes, Secretary, Treasurer and Pin Chairman
Don Ager, Editor
Dr. Terry Goodman, Director
Bob Libin, Director
Michelle Libin, Director
Valencia Wilson, Director
Hope to see you at a pin swap soon!
Any member of the NH PTC that might have a suggestion for a pin or pins to be issued by the NH PTC
please inform our pin chairman, Stanferd Howes, 56 Bunker Hill St., Lancaster, NH 03584. Input to the club
is most welcome.